Monday, July 31, 2017

WSET Level 2 Exam - The Results Are In!

It's been a while.....

School had to end, then we were off on a trip to Eastern Canada for a couple of weeks

Then a fishing trip and a couple trips to Kelowna.

Of course, during all that time, I drank wine. Not only did I drink wine, but, thanks to the WSET course, I really tasted what I was drinking.

There was Pinot Noir from Ontario, Port flights at the Chateau Laurier, Prosecco for Canada Day and magnums of really nice Italian wine at my daughter's engagement party. And I took the time to try to really taste what I was drinking.

I have recorded some information on some of the wines that I tasted - I certainly recorded a star rating at minimum in the Vivino app and will blog about some of these at a later date - but today was a special day.

I received a call that Canada Post was at the door of my building with a package. I rushed down to the front door, wondering what it was. There, in the postie's hand, was a large, flat envelope. It was from Fine Vintage, the place where I took my WSET course. It was my exam results.

After thanking the man, I rushed back upstairs and showed my wife the unopened envelope. Although I've given my share of tests and exams as a teacher, it is rather rare for me to write them and, as I showed my wife the envelope, she commented that my hands were shaking. I guess I was a little excited!

When you write the WSET 2 exam, there are four possible outcomes - Fail (below 55%), Pass (55% - 69%), Merit (70%-84%), and Distinction (85% and above).

I was confident that I passed the test. I studied pretty hard and knew my information well.

I thought that I had a pretty good chance of passing with Merit. There were some tricky questions but I really thought them through.

I thought there was a slim chance that I passed with Distinction. There are only 50 questions so if you have 8 wrong, you've missed Distinction and I already knew of one question where I was wrong.

I carefully opened the envelope and slid out the paper.

I passed with Distinction with a mark of 96%!

I let out such a yelp! It was beyond my expectations!

Now, time to crack open a nice wine and really really taste it!


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    1. Do you mean what book did I study from? There is a companion book to the course when you register for the WSET 2.